Federal Reserve Building: Main & Swan Streets

1910's. The building began its life as the new home of the Manufacturers & Traders Trust Bank.

The building was later sold to the Federal Reserve, which occupied it until 1955,
when the Federal Reserve opened its facility in Buffalo on Delaware & West Huron Street.
The building was demolished in 1959. (Photo from 1913.)

1923 Buffalo Express advertisement

When the building's demolition was imminent in 1959, Buffalonians Burt Hamilton and Cameron Baird
saved the majestic marble columns for some future use at UB. They were stored behind
Baird Hall on the South Campus for 18 years until 1978 when construction of the North Campus
was well along. A site on the eastern shore of man-made Lake LaSalle was selected.

Concrete foundations were poured, the columns artfully assembled, and the
picturesque spot dedicated as Baird Point. For many years, it was a popular spot
for local residents to pause and watch the summer sun set.

Photo Credit: University at Buffalo Creative Services

A small amphitheather was built behind the columns, where entertainments are held for the university
and surrounding community. The columns of the old M&T Bank/Federal Reserve have become a symbol of UB.
The lot at Main and Swan Street formerly occupied by the bank has remained vacant for 45 years,
"shovel ready," used as a parking lot.

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