Pierce Arrow Factory, Elmwood Avenue

Construction of a portion of the new Pierce Motor Works plant on Elmwood Avenue in 1906.

This portion would provide 250,000 square feet of space and was erected by theTrussed Concrete Steel Co., of Detroit. It was made
of reinforced concrete and hollow tile, using the Kahn system.

Aerial view of the Pierce Motor Works from the Elmwood Avenue side.

The completed complex would occupy 15 acres of land adjacent to the New York Central Belt Line tracks. Total
square feet were 1,016,400. At one time, 10,000 were employed crafting the expensive Pierce-Arrow automobiles.

The plant complex viewed from the corner of Elmwood and Great Arrow, c. 1910.

Facing Elmwood Avenue was the administration building, designed by Buffalo architect George Cary, with 135,000 square feet
of space.

The same view in 2005.

The Pierce Arrow Company went bankrupt in 1938. The complex has been subdivided over the years to provide affordable space
for many small companies and organizations, including Erie County Technical Institute (pre-Erie Community College). In November,
2005, the newly-organized Pierce-Arrow Holdings LLC, owned by Joseph Hecht, purchased the administration building with the intent
of creating loft apartments on the third floor.

1906 advertisement.

1910 Pierce Arrow, aka "The Perfect Car," retailed for $6,000 ($123,182 in 2005 dollars).
Top and glass front was extra. It carried 7 passengers, 6 cyclinders and generated
60 HP.

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