Shelton Square 1950's

Local writer George Kunz called Shelton Square "Buffalo's Piccadilly Circus," the place in the city where Niagara,
Main, Church, North Division, South Division, and Erie Streets converged. In the center was a "trolley island,"
later known as a bus shelter. See map below for location. At right is the Ellicott Square building.

Along Main Street behind the shelter was the Palace Theater, known for its burlesque shows. The ornate building
visible behind the shelter (center of photo) is the old M & T Bank building, later demolished for One M & T Center.
And the large modern-looking building at left is A. M. & A's.

Shelton Square as it looked in the 1950's.

The same view in 2004. Shelton Square disappeared in the downtown redevelopment of the 1970's. The
construction of Main Place Mall (31 on map above) cut off Niagara Street from Main Street. Erie Street between Pearl and
Main Streets was replaced by Cathedral Park (22). North Division and South Division Streets, once squarely
meeting Main Street, now enter at an angle, reducing the available Main Street frontage in that area.
The bus shelter disappeared amid the re-drawing of these traffic patterns. (Map exerpt taken from Online Buffalo.)

Two of the anchors of Shelton Square, St. Paul's Cathedral and the Erie County Savings Bank. Image c. 1910.

Shelton Square, looking from Main Street down Niagara Street to the McKinley Monument. In foreground left is the Erie County
Savings Bank. At right is Main Street. Early 20th century image.

View of Shelton Square from Main Street, with Niagara Street at left and Main Street at right. Early 20th century image.

Panoramic image from the Library of Congress collection, 1911. Far left is Main Street; second from left is
Erie Street (now Cathedral Park); to the right of St. Paul's is Church Street; to the right of the Erie County Savings Bank is
Niagara Street (no longer extending to Main); and visible again at right is Main Street.

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